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Certified vs Non Certified Bike Helmets

Don’t be fooled by helmets that cost less.  The low price may also mean a low standard of safety.  This video is a great example of why bike helmets matter and why you should always pick quality over price.  It could be the difference of you ever riding again. Bike Helmet Safety Video

Bicycle Maintenance

Routinely checking your beloved bicycle shouldn’t take long.  Some of the most basic checks can even be done while walking from the garage to the front gate.  Just a couple of minutes is all it takes to check tire pressure, handle bar and stem alignment, brakes and to make sure the wheel skewers are nice […]

10 Tips For Riding Your Bicycle Safely

Always wear an approved bicycle helmet, properly fitted and fastened to your head. Increase your visibility with bright, light clothing which also keeps you cool while being comfortable. Use reflective clothing especially at night and in poor conditions. Be prepared for bad weather and always protect your eyes. Display a white light at the front […]

Nebraska Bicycle Laws

Bicycle Laws in the State of Nebraska The following is a summary of bicycle laws in Nebraska. This is not an inclusive listing of laws for bicyclists. For more details, see Nebraska Revised Statutes §60-611, §60-680, §60-6,177, §60-6,142-144, and §60-6,314-319. Local authorities may have additional regulations within their jurisdictions. In Nebraska, bicyclists are required to […]