Treadmills, Exercise Bikes, Ellipticals, Rowers!!!

Treadmills, Exercise Bikes, Ellipticals, Rowers!!!

Friends, come see the deals we have! Lots of new Overstock and models from last year are marked way down! Not to mention all the exciting new inventory we’ve been receiving! We are working hard to be your exclusive source for all things fitness and health. Come see us today!


FATBOYS are here!

Thinking about ways to keep the pounds off this winter??? Going FAT might be key! Check out Specialized’s FATBOY… It’s as much snow-plowing fun as you can have on a bike in the winter. AND when the snow clears, this aluminum-framed, carbon-fork beast is not shy of twisty single track and punchy climbs. It’s a […]

7 Tips for Purchasing a Treadmill

Walking into a fitness store can be an overwhelming event.  There’s typically a wide variety of equipment to view and consider buying for your home.  But it doesn’t have to be a fearful experience.  Armed with some sound advice, you can find the perfect treadmill to bring home and enjoy for years to come.  Knowing a little […]

Certified vs Non Certified Bike Helmets

Don’t be fooled by helmets that cost less.  The low price may also mean a low standard of safety.  This video is a great example of why bike helmets matter and why you should always pick quality over price.  It could be the difference of you ever riding again. Bike Helmet Safety Video