10 Tips For Riding Your Bicycle Safely

  1. Always wear an approved bicycle helmet, properly fitted and fastened to your head.
  2. Increase your visibility with bright, light clothing which also keeps you cool while being comfortable. Use reflective clothing especially at night and in poor conditions.
  3. Be prepared for bad weather and always protect your eyes. Display a white light at the front of your bike and a red light at the back. Your bike must have a red rear reflector.
  4. Always obey the road rules, including traffic lights, Stop signs and Give Way signs. You must use the bike lane where one is available, ride in Transit Lanes and Bus Lanes, but not Bus Only Lanes. Give way to pedestrians and other vehicles when entering a road.
  5. Ride in a predictable manner that does not require other road users to react suddenly to your movements.
  6. Give hand signals when changing lanes or turning right.
  7. Plan your route using quieter streets, bicycle paths or shared paths, wherever possible. When using a shared pedestrian/bicycle path keep to the left and give way to pedestrians.
  8. Maintain control of your bike at all times. It is an offence to ride with both hands off the handlebars, feet off the pedals or to carry anything which prevents you from having control.
  9. Keep your bicycle in good condition by performing regular maintenance checks that will enhance your cycling experience and the longevity of your bike.
  10. Carry out a 2 minute check every time you ride your bike.