BG Saddle Fit

Be One With Your SaddleDeveloped with ergonomic expert Dr. Roger Minkow M.D., our Body Geometry saddles are scientifically tested and ergonomically designed to reduce pressure for all-day riding comfort.

Comfort: The anatomically designed Body Geometry cut-out or groove takes pressure off arteries and soft tissue for improved blood flow and comfort. Pressure mapping research helps us determine areas of high/low pressure so we can optimize the design of each saddle.

Fit: Since a properly sized saddle increases your comfort and power on the bike, Body Geometry saddles come in a range of widths to fit every rider.

Efficiency: We design the shape of every saddle to complement the way you ride. Based on your position and preferences, you can find your match from a variety of flat, curved, and comfort saddles.

Here are a few videos about Specialized BG saddles.

Specialized Body Geometry Saddles    Live Blood FlowTest       BG Fit